Sunday Sauté: Best Backyard BBQ Essentials on a Budget

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Sunday Sauté! Every Sunday, we bring you the latest and greatest of the week/weekends content from recipes to kitchen organization to throwing a great party for friends and family. Here at Omnirest, we know the summer months can be expensive with weddings, summer vacation, and kid’s summer camps, but enjoying the weather and friends shouldn’t be! We at OmniRest believe fun on a budget still makes for a great time with family and friends. Check out the Checklist below for all of the essentials for a fun family and friend barbecue.


Backyard BBQ, Summer Essentials Checklist

  1. Get a quality grill

    • We use a gas grill and have found that Lowe’s offers great deals during this time of year. Consumer Reports dives through quality grills under $300.

      charbroil budget bbq grill

  2. Grilling Accessory Tool Set

    • A tool set can be acquired for less than $20 and include tongs, spatula, grill brush, and a meat thermometer to ensure your meat temperature is to your liking. Check out Target for an all encompassing tool set for $19.99.

      target budget bbq grill set tools

  3. Grill Tool Rest and Trivet:

    • OmniRest fits on the side of the grill to organize grilling tools, be used as a trivet for hot plates, and keep tools cool if your side grill tables get to hot like ours does! Available via Amazon with Prime Shipping at $16.99.


  4. Dress up the Grill Master:

    • Every Grill Master needs an apron to protect clothing and body from the heat and utensils being used. Amazon sells a simple black or white set with 2 day Prime Shipping at $11.99.

      grilling apron men women set best

  5. Watch for meat deals at the local grocery

    • Always be on the lookout for nice meats for grilling, such as London Broil, Chicken Wings, Chicken Breasts, and ground beef and turkey. Any Buy One, Get One Free deals, snatch those up right away. Keep them in the freezer until a day before in order to defrost in time.

      grill kabob backyard bbq essential

  6. Marinate Vegetable and Fruit Kabobs

    •  Kabobs are great as a side dish or dessert. Grab the kabobs sticks from your Target grill set and stack up with any vegetable and fruit of your preference. Skinny Taste has a summer favorite of grilled pineapple with a simple balsamic sauce. It fits the bill: Easy, quick, inexpensive, gluten free, vegetarian, and delicious. I’ll take another kabob, please!

      skinny taste grilled pineapple barbeque essentials


Happy Grilling and Chilling with Friends and Family! Send us your comments and reviews at or Happy Sunday Sauté!

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