Adventures of Picky Eater, OmniRest style!

Welcome to the OmniRest Community, Adventures of a Picky Eater! If you have not explored this blog yet, get over there! The blog is hilarious and I even took the “Are you a Picky Eater?” quiz and, a bit surprisingly, I am an unknowingly picky eater as the list spoke to me on every level.  As a follower of A.P.E on Instagram, the wit and features posts keep me coming back for more. APE gets lots of ‘Likes’ from Team OmniRest.


A bit of the back story: it started a few weeks ago when Team OmniRest reached out to A.P.E and when heard back that A.P.E. loved and wanted to use the OmniRest, thoughts swirled: A.P.E wants to work with us?! Score! A.P.E and Team OmniRest joining culinary forces, what a match.


What do we love about the A.P.E post? It highlights:

  1. The spoon rest with four oval slots for utensils or keeping ingredients separate and organized. Also, it is dishwasher safe for easy kitchen and cooking clean up.
  2. 5% of the proceeds go to Feeding America – it is a kitchen gadget win-win scenario
  3. A.P.E is feeling better and the chicken soup looks delicious! Yum!
APE chicken soup silicone spoon rest
Chicken Soup and the OmniRest Silicone Spoon Rest

Check out the OmniRest Chicken Soup blog post here:


We cannot thank A.P.E enough for the support of the best silicone spoon rest/trivet out there  and are looking forward to working again in the future!

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