The Most Useful Kitchen Tool

While we love sharing recipes, meal prep ideas and kitchen organizing tactics, we also love to see what our customers are saying about us.  The OmniRest has now been on the market for a little over one month and here is what some of our customers are saying about the OmniRest:

“Best Kitchen Product I’ve Ever Bought!” – Joey M.

How did I even make my way around the kitchen before the OmniRest?? As you can see in my picture, I clearly didn’t.

Even the nicest gestures of trying to cook dinner for my wife turned into disaster without being able to efficiently utilize the limited cooking space I had.

With the OmniRest, now, there’s no mess, only delicious meals! And my wife? Well she thinks I’m a TOTAL stud now that I can cook chicken and microwave rice and vegetables without destroying our counter tops. This product is made of the highest quality materials, so it looks and feels great, even in the most modern of kitchens. I can’t tell you how many people have come over in the last few weeks since I bought the OmniRest and have complimented me on how functional, attractive, and simple this product is (it’s been lots of people because I’m popular now that I can cook)!

PLUS, a percentage of every purchase goes to charity, which is the definition of a WIN-WIN situation. So stop putting your dirty tongs in your pants because you don’t have anywhere else to put them; buy an OmniRest today and be a STUD in the kitchen like I am!

“I use it every single time I cook.” – Anonymous Amazon Customer

When I first saw this product I thought, “I have a spoon rest – why would I need this?” I then received it as a gift and literally have used it every single time I cook. I don’t know how this product wasn’t already created and used by every cook. Because really, who cooks with only one utensil? Instead of piling them up on one spoon rest, now they each have their own spot. Plus – it keeps your counter clean and can be used as a hot pad for pans! Great idea and product.

“Very Functional Kitchen Tool” – Chris M.

I have been using my OmniRest for the last few days in the kitchen and finding that I use it for a lot more than just a spoon rest. Whenever I need to put anything down, I find myself putting it in the OmniRest (pots, pans, utensils, etc.) and it is super functional to have next to me while I am cooking.

It is very durable silicone and is easily store-able and I think everyone should have one in their kitchen!


“One of the best gifts I got for the kitchen” – Viv R.

One of the best gifts I got for the kitchen. Many functions and easy to clean. It’s a must have for any home chef .


Thank you again to all our loyal fans and customers and buy your OmniRest today to start enjoying the most useful kitchen tool on the market! Buy an OmniRest

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