What to Drink while Cooking

As you prepare to cook that delicious dinner tonight, we thought it would be helpful to have some suggestions on what to sip on while cooking!  On tap (or in cans) today, we have four craft beers from across the United States: Terrapin Recreational Ale, Troegs Perpetual IPA, Bell’s Oberon Ale, Shock-Top Belgian White.

  1. Terrapin Recreational Ale  (Terrapin Beer Company) Athens, Georgia

    • American Pale Ale
    • 4.7% ABV
    • Very mild beer to drink, but all-around great beer.  Not too heavy or hoppy and delicious with almost any dinner that you are cooking.  This is one of those beers where it is gone before you feel like you have had half!  This is a great beer to drink while grilling out during the summer or waiting on the oven to finish.
  2. Troegs Perpetual IPA (Troegs Brewing Company) Hershey, Pennsylvania

    • American Double / Imperial IPA
    • 7.5% ABV
    • For an IPA, this beer is incredibly smooth and drinks more like a pale ale.  However, be careful with this as of the high gravity ABV that can have you doing a double take if you didn’t notice the ABV at first.  Smooth and not too hoppy.  One of our favorite IPAs.  This is a great craft brew to enjoy before or while chowing down on a juicy steak or slow-roasted brisket.
  3. Bell’s Oberon Ale (Bell’s Brewery, Inc.) Kalamazoo, Michigan

    • American Pale Wheat Ale
    • 5.8% ABV
    • This delicious wheat beer is available only during the summer months and probably because Bell’s couldn’t possibly keep up production otherwise.  This is one of the most delicious beers out there and we constantly have some of these in our fridge during the hot months of summer. Hint of orange and drinks like a lager which is highly recommended by us!  If you are looking for a good beer to paid with a refreshing salad, look no further.
  4. Shock-Top Belgian White (Anhueser Busch) St. Louis, Missouri

    • Witbier
    • 5.2% ABV
    • Although it is technically not a “craft beer” by the new American standard, this witbier is a refreshing summer beer (served year round) that is available in most bars and restaurants across the United States.  This beer is a step of from your standard domestic beers, but not as pricey as your normal craft beers.  If you are looking for a beer with a hint of fruit flavor, look no further!  Great to pair with almost anything from a burger to wings.







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