4 Easy Tips to Start Eating Healthy

Although healthy eating is more popular than ever, many of us are still trying to figure out ways to actually begin this process during our busy lives.  It all sounds well and good, but who has time to read through the countless blogs about healthy foods, go to the store and buy all of the ingredients and then come home each night and actually cook that healthy food?

Even then, after we have gone out of our way to consume a nutritional dinner for once, do we still go sneak into the freezer for the quart of mint chocolate chip ice cream to counteract everything we just did?  It seems like it would be easier to just get take out and call it a night.

If you are like most of us, you have probably read something about meal prepping a week’s worth of organic, pre-prepared, small portioned, five times a day meals in order to be healthy and think that it seems extreme.  Yes, it is certainly healthy if you are willing to commit to that lifestyle, but most of us are not realistically going to do it.  So what are some other methods for us to culminate our health(ier) eating journey?

Our advice is create realistic and specific goals, start small, be more active and try to cook at least one more meal at home and you will be well on your way to a healthier you.

  1. Create a realistic, quantifiable goal
    Why do you want to start eating healthy? It is a lot easier to do so if you can answer this question.  Some possible answers are “To lose weight”, “Because I know I should”, “Because it is good for me long term”, etc.  By creating a realistic goal, you are more likely to commit and begin this journey of healthy eating because there is something you are working towards.A realistic, quantifiable goal would be (notice the specific numbers):- I want to lose 15 pounds by the [insert date here].
    – I want to eat one “healthy” meal per day.
    – I want to work out four times a week (not healthy eating I know, but is a good complement to the topic).However, if you create a goal that is unrealistic based on your actions, you are likely setting yourself up for failure.  For example, if you create a goal that is “Lose 15 pounds by the end of the month”, but you are not planning to work out or change your eating habits, you may want to shoot for five pounds at first.

    Be realistic. Be specific.

  2. Make small changes

    “Would you like that grilled or crispy”?We all know which answer is healthier, but we also know which tastes better…. The ultimate dilemma. In the beginning, try to change these small choices and make this a habit.For example, if you are going to a restaurant where you always get the burger and fries, how can you change this order to still get the enjoyment you have from eating this meal?  Next time, instead of getting the fries, try ordering the corn or the roasted vegetables as a substitute.  You still eat that delicious burger!

    Or for breakfast, instead of starting your day with a bowl of sugary cereal, try to get up 10 minutes earlier to cook turkey bacon and eggs, which tastes better and is a healthier way to start your day.

    These small decisions in the beginning will help you feel healthier and lead you to make larger, more impactful healthy eating decisions.

  3. Be more active

    We all know that working out is considered healthy, so why don’t we do it? Maybe we don’t have time to go to the gym, the gym is not welcoming, the gym is too expensive, it’s too hot or it’s too cold, and the list goes on.  Do these sound familiar?Along with you small changes to your eating, try making small changes to your lifestyle by being a little bit more active.  Here are some ways to do so:- Try to take more steps in a day.  If you don’t have a pedometer (i.e. Fitbit, etc.), I would suggest getting one to wear every day.  It is quite shocking the first day you wear it, just how few steps you might take. However, knowing that number, allows you to create a realistic and specific goal to achieve each day.For example: If you are currently only taking 3,000 steps a day, try creating a goal to take 6,000 steps a day for the next month.  This is doubling your activity!  Do this by parking further away at the store, taking the stairs, walking the dog, walking while talking on the phone, etc.

    – If you have enough willpower to go to the gym, then commit to going [insert number] times per week for 30 minutes each time.  Be realistic and specific and this will have a huge impact on your health with minimal time spent.

  4. Cook one more meal per week than you do now
    Last but not least, one way to try to be a little bit healthier during the week is to control one meal a week more than you do now. Instead of going out and getting something that you think might be healthy, cook something at home that doesn’t take much time and you KNOW is healthy.  For example, instead of wondering what makes that piece of steak from ABC restaurant taste so good; make a steak at home that is marinated with what you put in it.As an example, try something like this Paleo recipe for London Broil and Vegetables linked here.  This is an unbelievably healthy meal that tastes as if it was cooked in a 5 star restaurant that you shouldn’t feel bad about eating.

What changes have you made over the last few weeks to change your lifestyle? Let us know! Contact OmniRest with your story or share via Facebook/Instagram and tag @OmniRest. We hope this is as much a gut-check for you as it is for us! Happy Hump Day!



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