Quick Tips to Organize Kitchen Counter-Tops

I don’t know about you, but my kitchen can always use a little sprucing and organizing. It is an ongoing battle between clutter and the clean lines of an organized kitchen. Home Goods is a great place to start for any organization project and open up your own kitchen cabinets to see what you have to help you: platters, cutting boards, slate cheese platter, and head up to the office, grab a magazine organizer. A few quick tips for pretty organization are below:

  1. Cutting Board to organize cooking kitchen essentials: Olive Oil and Vinegar, salt and pepper, garlic mill, liquid aminos (for those paleo chefs), and owl kitchen timer. The cutting board makes those kitchen essentials look much more attractive on the counter. Any shape will do, pick a smaller on to organize and keep right next to your cooking area. File_000Check it out a similar one at Crate and Barrel: Maple Cutting Board

  2. OmniRest to Organize your morning coffee:

    The OmniRest also serves as a countertop organizer and quick clean for any coffee grind spills. The morning lifeline is secure.

    Buy the OmniRest now on Amazon: Buy an OmniRest now!

  3. Magazine Holder  as cookbook organizer.

    This keeps the cookbooks out, displayed, and a quick reference for any home chef.


Buy one now at Target: Magazine Holder at Target


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