A Peek Behind the Kitchen: Meet Team OmniRest!

Hey y’all, Dianna here from Team OmniRest! Aaron and I hope you are enjoying your OmniRest and your kitchen life is simplified!  As we all embark on this journey together, we should probably tell you all a bit about ourselves and cue: the OmniRest backstory…

You can say it started with growing up in a large family in a Washington D.C. suburb. Life was all about color coded calendars and controlled chaos.  What made it all work you say?  I have no idea, I say. BUT there were lots of lessons learned through watching my parents attempt to cook with minimal cleanup while 4 rambunctious kids played kitchen baseball. Goals of kitchen delicacies were quashed with “how can I make this meal last for more than a day in this house?” With two boys and two girls, and me sharing one of those delighted middle child spots, getting everything done in one day was always the goal: Maximum output, minimal after dinner cleanup.

Fast forward through the awkward years and into the so called “adult life” where learning how to cook healthy was a breeze (thanks momma). However the task of cooking was usually daunting and, while I loved the result, the cooking and clean up process overwhelmed this newlywed beginner (#adultingfail). There had to be a product out there to make our lives simpler, right?!?!  But there wasn’t.

As husbands do, Aaron, a solid-thinking, Southwest Virginia raised man, proposed a solution: multiple spoon rests and all purpose kitchen mat for all the organization needed in meal prep and cooking.  Endless searches and numerous nights sketching and testing, led to the creation of the OmniRest.  Finally, a product that satisfies childhood and young adulthood dreams of minimal dinner clean up and maximum delicious output.  As our most useful kitchen gadget, that beautiful red silicone OmniRest greets my coffee stirring spoon every morning and gets a solid workout at dinner time. Clink the wine glasses and cheers the dark chocolate!


Our journey at OmniRest is just beginning, so thank you to those of you that have joined us and those beginning their OmniRest simplified cooking experience. We would love to hear from you! Leave a comment or send us an message, or tag OmniRest in your photos/posts to share with the community!

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